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About 3bytes

3bytes is a small indie team located in Barcelona. We bring The Pizza Situation, a fresh indie game with a strong story, new mechanics and a lot of marketing potential. Our background in digital media and screenwriting means we craft our content to be especially engaging, fun and with an underlying critical view on current matters. The game’s core aspects are internet culture and very charismatic characters, which make it a perfect fandom attraction. It has been awarded for its creative take on story and mechanics, as well as for its critical and ironic view on the topics of harassment and overall internet culture.

The Pizza Situation.

The Pizza Situation is an over-the-top simulation of social networks where the surreal narrative is complemented by the main game mechanics: stalking, scrolling, investigating and manipulating through social media.

They will not eat MY Pizza!

Roni Mozzarello, an obsessive pizza geek, is very excited to go to this Saturday’s University freshmen party where a very special pizza will be served. However, seeing how the event page gets flooded with more and more attendants, he foresees how 6 individuals are going to eat the 6 pizza slices, and that’s something he cannot allow. Now he only has one goal: to prevent those 6 people from going to the party. How? Without stepping out of his room, using social networks. The player will have to investigate, manipulate, stalk and blackmail to obtain his precious pizza.

Use their own information against them

See a suspicious text? Save it! A compromising picture? Send it! All information can be used: get to know everybody and become a social hitman. Compare info across networks and contact their friends, help them out or antagonize them. You could find them a better plan or break their relationships: do whatever you can to prevent them from attending the party.

A critical view on online culture

Behind the humor and satire, the game touches many of the current problems that online life has brought. Our digital footprint and freely shared information can become a boon and a bane. With this game we want to bring this topic to discussion, and raise awareness of the many ways such information can be acquired and used with helpful or ill intent.


  • New social networks - Scroll, stalk and interact in more than 6 new apps and newtorks. Will you do what you don't dare to IRL?
  • Internet humor - We know our memes -and we love them. Laugh and cringe at the screen with our best dose of online culture.
  • Characters with depth - Get to know a diverse cast of characters with plenty of backgrounds and relationships to be explored. Change their life for the better or worse with your online influence -careful with the consequences!
  • Everything can be used - There is no such thing as innocent or useless information. Save and share anything you find with the right individuals and become a true social hitman.
  • Secrets! DRAMA! - People tend to have different internet personas and alias online. Can you find out what they are trying to hide? Expose their secrets for a heavy dose of Drama.
  • Dark Twists - Actions have consequences and it is no different on the Internet. Some shared information might be too personal, and the consequences quite dire. What are you willing to do for a slice of pizza?
  • Worldbuilding - Wait, there is a world beyond the Internet? You bet! There's a whole reality of politics, TV shows, and more going on beyond the screen -and people have a lot to say about it!
  • Multiple endings - There are several threads you can pull to achieve your goals, and with different paths come different consequences. Choose who you engage with and how you interact with them. Replay with different choices to reveal secrets that you would otherwise have missed.
  • Unique visual style - Our social media is bursting with pictures: plenty of beautiful illustrations with a unique art style that brings our world to life.
  • Diversity - We show the world as it is: diverse! Featuring characters from all genders and LGBTQA+ identities, as well different ethnicities. Some characters are very sure about who they are, some are fighting prejudice, and some are still figuring out where they fit in this world. That's ok, everyone has a place in here.
  • PIZZA - Last but not least. Do we really need to explain?

Trailer & Gifs

The Pizza Situation Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer YouTube

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Screenshots & Posters

Download all The Pizza Situation screnshots and posters as .zip (14MB)
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There are far more images available for 3bytes, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

Download The Pizza Situation and 3bytes logo files and all characters as .zip (18MB)

Awards & Recognition

  • "IndieDevDay Awards: “A lovely story” for the best narrative game" - (Winner) 2018
  • "IndieDevDay 2 Awards 2019: “Best game” by FemDevs" - (Winner) 2019
  • "AEVI’s Video Game Development Innovation Program for Creative Mechanics" - (Winner) 2019
  • "Valencia Indie Summit Awards" - (Nominee) 2020
  • "GameBCN Incubation Program" - (Selected Project) 2020
  • "European Game Showcase at GDC" - (Selected Project) 2020
  • "Three Headed Monkey Awards: “Best Game Award”" - (Top 3 Finalist) 2020
  • "WEIRD Market" - (Selected Project) 2020
  • "IWOCon" - (Selected Project) 2020
  • "IndieDevDay Awards: “Arte di Molto Bene” for the best game art" - (Winner) 2020


  • "One of the most interesting premises of the Expo, with very consistent mechanics and that altogether make us reflect on a subject in constant debate."
    - Américo Ferraiuolo, Los juegos más destacables del Indie Dev Day 2, DeVuego (ES)
  • "I found that The Pizza Situation was very funny, completely pulling you into a very modern detective game."
    - Jupiter Hadley, ‘The Pizza Situation’ Uses Social Media to Score Free Pizza, IndieGamesPlus (EN)
  • ""The Pizza Situation" was one of the most unique works on display at this Valencia Indie Summit"
    - 今井晋, 【インディーマニア向け】サイバーパンク探索TPSからフランス産JRPGまでValencia Indie Summitから6作ピックアップ, IGN Japan (JP)
  • "We assure you that it is one of the craziest proposals we have ever seen."
    - Roger Mitats, GameBCN dóna el tret de sortida a la seva cinquena edició, 3DNassos (CAT)
  • "You’ll easily understand how to navigate the social media interfaces that combine the feel of Facebook with The Pizza Situation universe’s own artistic twist."
    - Brenda Zhang, 3 Quirky, Nostalgic Social Media Simulator Indie Games, Colludia - Indie Games With a Story (EN)
  • "It’s a very cleverly crafted game that combines fun parodies of social media with inventive mechanics, excellent artwork and a fun story."
    - Calum Fraser, The Pizza Situation – Alpha Demo, Alpha Beta Gamer (EN)
  • "We will have to investigate their profiles, manipulate their relationships and carry out all kinds of schemes."
    - Manu Delgado, Los 25 juegos indies más esperados e interesantes de 2021, Vandal (ES)


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  • "Game Over Podcast season 20, Episode 703"
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3bytes Pictures

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